EBOOK DOWNLOAD [Govinda The Aryavarta Chronicles #1] AUTHOR Krishna Udayasankar

  • Paperback
  • 458
  • Govinda The Aryavarta Chronicles #1
  • Krishna Udayasankar
  • English
  • 15 February 2020
  • 9789350094464

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Read & Download ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ü Krishna Udayasankar Govinda The Aryavarta Chronicles #1 Download ô 108 Krishna Udayasankar Ü 8 Download Tween the two orders the once united empire of Aryavarta lies splintered a shadow of its former glorious selfNow the last Secret Keeper of the Firewrights is dead killed by a violent hand and the battle for supreme power in the empire is about to beginAs mighty powers hurtle towards a bloody conflict Govinda Shauri cowherd turned prince and now Commander of the armies of Dwaraka. The rating is 35 to 40 really What a refreshing read Krishna Udayshankar has done a phenomenal job of demystifying the mythical heroes and villains and makes a fantastic attempt at getting to the why of events rather than the what A very readable retelling of the Mahabharata in which every character from Krishna to Draupadi to Yudhishthira are mortals with very human motivations drives and failings The book is fast paced for a body of work with the immensity of the Mahabharata in one single volume the author covers the time right upto the conclusion of the Rajasuya Yagya In order to give a contemporary meaning and relevance the author has taken certain liberties and resorted to interpretations that at times seem a bit far fetched They seem far fetched not due to the leap of faith or leap of interpretation but simply because certain events and certain view of events of the Mahabharata are so firmly entrenched in our minds that to overcome them is a challenge Nevertheless all credit to the author for stretching our thinking to a different directionThe author has also made a valiant attempt at constructing de constructing the characters of several key figures in the epic Krishna Yudhishthira Jarasandha Duryodhana Draupadi Vyasa and a few That is the biggest achievement of the book and its greatest undoing as well For to develop the characters of so many people with complex persona and do justice to it to bring in a change of perspective in all of the characters and at the same time packing in multitude of events spread across several locations happening simultaneously is a tad too much Credit mush be given to the author for even attempting it However I do wish the author had not tried to pack in so much into one volume why restrict the series to three volumes Why not seven or eight volumes like Alex Rutherford s Empire of the Moghul series or Conn Iggulden s Emperor series and Conueror series The current work seems like a rushed job you want of it The author has introduced several exciting and interesting ideas but seems to be in a hurry to get to the next one The characters could have been delved into in greater depth and detail events described and analysed in pages leaving with the feeling of holding an incomplete work Maybe if the author had given it a few months it would have turned out to be far better than the already very good read that it isIn conclusion I like the book the ideas and the perspectives and look forward to picking up the next in the series

characters Govinda The Aryavarta Chronicles #1

Govinda The Aryavarta Chronicles #1

Read & Download ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ü Krishna Udayasankar Govinda The Aryavarta Chronicles #1 Download ô 108 Krishna Udayasankar Ü 8 Download Must use all his cunning to counter deception and treachery if he is to protect his people and those whom he lovesBut who holds the key to the fantastic and startling knowledge of the Firewrights which in the wrong hands will bring doom upon the empire And does Govinda have it in him to confront the dark secrets of his past and discover the true meaning of being Arya of being nob. Great premise Very poor story telling Soporific Hopefully the next one will be better

Read & Download ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ü Krishna Udayasankar

Read & Download ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ü Krishna Udayasankar Govinda The Aryavarta Chronicles #1 Download ô 108 Krishna Udayasankar Ü 8 Download HONOUR DESIRE VENGEANCEAryavarta – the ancient realm of the nobleFor generations the Firstborn dynasty of scholar sages descendants of Vasishta Varuni and protectors of the Divine Order on earth has dominated here For just as long the Angirasa family of Firewrights weapon makers to the kings and master inventors has defied them In the aftermath of the centuries long conflict be. PATHETIC I have never seen any Indian author writing this badly There are soooooooo many names peopleevents etc this leaves the reader clueless After 3 rd chapter By all means copy Amish Tripathi but make sure that ur even half way near to his wits and intelligence After Meluha it seems that young people with a Post Grad degree and an ability to write are on a spree to pick up a mythological character and mold it into human form and write a battle around it WHY why copy come up with something original What came as a shocker was the language it was so casual the conversation between two characters was so much like our day today convoif you are writing for a particular era than make sure that dialect matches to that ageCant write a detailed review as I had no strength and willingness to wrack my brain or time over this