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  • 06 May 2018
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read & download Holiday Roommates Holiday Roommates review Ñ 100 A NYC department store he meets Sean Callahan – his producer – a man struggling under the weight of a loan coming due and desperate for a place in the city fo. 425 starsI really enjoyed this holiday romance The MCs Nate and Sean we very likable Nate s sense of humor and snark kept the story light and fun while Sean s serious almost obsessive personality gave the story depthI had a few niggles mainly the editing or lack of but that was of an annoyance that really didn t impact the story itself This was drama lite The romance was sweet And the sex was hot but not overdone I d recommend it to most anyone

read & download Holiday Roommates

Holiday Roommates

read & download Holiday Roommates Holiday Roommates review Ñ 100 Nate Brandywine is an actor without prospects in need of an emergency roommate for the month of December In the middle of a humiliating gig as a Christmas elf at. I think by now the word is out that I m a sucker for holiday romances I have a pile of them on my Kindle waiting for that magic moment when I have everything turned in and all the holiday prep finished and I can indulge I ll admit I snuck one in early because how do you not read in a Tere Michaels novella when you know it s there I m so incredibly glad I did Holiday Roommates is sweet hilarious and heartwarmingEssentially this is classic Michaels but with a flirty light hearted holiday twist The sexual tension you count on from her is present in spades but so are elf costume crises some seriously killer flirty banter and a wry and managing Jewish mother and sassy grandma you must read to believe In addition to the when will they suspense of the romance we witness Nate s struggles as an actor and Sean s as a budding producer I think my favorite part of the story was the resolution I worried when I started there was no way for everything to work out and still be believablebut I should never have doubted it because Tere totally pulls it offDo yourself a favor buy yourself and your friends this Christmas story You can purchase it right on her website Here s a distribution note from her website Right now we re only offering a PDF version when themobi andpub versions become available just contact the site and you ll receive whichever version you want with proof of purchase of the PDF at no additional cost Also from the website I hope you all love Nate and Sean and their crazy circle of friends and family I hope you want the story to continue because they ll be back for Valentine s Day As a reminder to myself about what matters in the coming year I will be donating 25% to The Trevor Project an outstanding non profit which offers outreach to LGBT youth struggling with suicidal thoughts When holiday donations have dried up I m looking forward to gifting TTP in January to shine some light on their winter doldrums Everyone wins Go grab your copy of Holiday Roommates today

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read & download Holiday Roommates Holiday Roommates review Ñ 100 R a few weeks One month of sharing a workplace and an apartment with someone you can't stop flirting with Maybe this isn't going to be a terrible holiday after al. This was exactly the warm fluffy deliciousness I want at the beginning of the season I always start the holiday season with catching up on a couple of older stories that I ve had for way too long and not read I regret not reading this one sooner It s just lovely and put me in the mood to read