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  • バッカーノ!1932 Drug The Dominos
  • Ryohgo Narita
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  • 08 February 2020
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バッカーノ!1932 Drug The Dominos Free read ☆ 104 Rata Family executive Gustavo was irritated by a series of business failures The Gandor Family executive Luck had a premonition of a conflict on the verge of flaring up The girl. It should be said first and foremost that I adore this series So if that is all you need as far as the uestion on if you should read this volume of Baccano then read no further and go pick up this installment I use the word installment because I don t even view these books as separate stories Which works since Drug Dominoes starts practically at the same time that The Grand Punk Railroad Express wraps up Baccano is just one long crazy story filled with coincidences and over the top characters that his been chopped up into different sections that just happen to be in book formI am a huge fan of the anime and Drug and Dominoes is where the books starts to depart from the story that was covered there The not in the anime characters introduced in this volume are Roy the drug addict Edith the lady love of Roy Begg the sad immortal chemist Kate the wife of Keith Gandor and a unnamed dual katana wielding Mexican girl in a mariachi costume For me the stand out among them is Kate I was shocked at what a subtle powerful affect her character would have on me as a reader Her explanation as to why a normal woman like her loves or would even be interested in a dangerous man like Keith really resonated with me Her back story shows that Narita really did his homework when it came to the finer details of 1930 s America I hope we see of her and Keith in future volumesNow out off all of the characters introduced in the anime I d have to say that Eve Genoard had the biggest changes to the anime adaptation I always felt she was of a supporting character just used to tell the uestionable end of Dallas story However what I see of her in this story changes my mind She is a strong character who is able to shed off her demure demeanor when push comes to shove While I still think she is naive I now know that beneath that naivety is noble braverySpecial character shout outs go to Vino and Luck Gandor Vino is of course always fun to watch or read and he is by far my favorite character Luck really surprised me in this story with how kindly he treated Eve and his fight with Gustavo had me on the edge of my seat the entire time I didn t think it possible but I enjoy Luck even that I did prior to reading Drug and Dominoes Which by the way was a lotAll in all this was a very enjoyable uick read I am excitedly looking forward to what happens next on Baccano

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バッカーノ!1932 Drug The Dominos Free read ☆ 104 The alchemist Begg believed the drugs he created would guide people to the highest plane of existence The junkie Roy was torn trying to break free of his drug addiction The Runo. My ratings for this series will probably all be totally random between 3 and 4 stars depending on my moodDid I enjoy this than books 2 3Not really sure but as opposed to the previous ones I wanted to rate this 4 stars somehow It really does depend on my mood most of the time Long story short those guys aren t cut out to be mafia bosses That s the straight up truthIt keeps going with the same overall atmosphere of the previous books both because it s the same universe of course but also because it s a similar structure One that never fails to entertain me It has a whole this is going somewhere not really sure where but I know that eventually it will reach a conclusion based on all of these puzzle pieces vibe to it In this case in particular it s the whole Ouroboros feeling with how everyone s chasing someone else view spoilerand obviously it makes a loop hide spoiler

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バッカーノ!1932 Drug The Dominos Free read ☆ 104 Eve harbored a secret resolution to get revenge on the people who'd killed her older brotherWhen their lives intersected fate linked them together like falling dominos and then. Went into this expecting it to be a stand alone but it starts a bit before the events of volumes 2 and 3 The cool thing is the characters we met back then arrive in the train midway through this oneRyohgo Narita is hands down my favourite LN author This volume focuses a bit on Gangster organisations in New York Drug trade and information traffic And all that with the traditional back and forth between points of view and timelines Awesome series