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The Fangs of Scavo (Stoker Bash, #1) Read & download ↠ 8 Finds himself thrust into a world of wailing mediums spiritualist societies man eating lions and a consulting detective with ambition than sense Will this case be the end of his career or the start of an unexpected liaison Or will the mysterious forces at play be the death of them bothAnd just who is Hieronymus Ba. Not only did the writing take my breath away but also the thrilling conflict and clash of characters kept me up at night Complex characters Kip and Heiro are alive and well in my imagination and in my heart

Review The Fangs of Scavo (Stoker Bash, #1)The Fangs of Scavo (Stoker Bash, #1)

The Fangs of Scavo (Stoker Bash, #1) Read & download ↠ 8 E but short on personal history Bash just may be a Cheapside rogue in Savile Row fineryWhen the four fangs of the Demon Cats of Scavo trophies that protect the hunters who killed the two vicious beasts disappear one by one Stoker's forced to team with the very man he was sent to investigate to maintain his cover He. A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsThe Fangs of Scavo was such a conundrum to review I both loved certain aspects and dreaded others Ultimately the amazing characters and their growing relationship won me over And it s those characters that steal the show over and over again Normally I start with the positives and this book has many of them but I have one gripe to address right off the bat Hieronymus Bosch was a European artist who lived in the early part of the 16th century Aside from his highly interesting body of work his name is rather unforgettable In the mystery world there is already a character called Hieronymus Harry Bosch an LA detective created by Michael Connelly Now there is another Hieronymus and as a name it is simply too unusual to be used again without constantly thinking of another character I know it seems silly and it may be a moot issue for some of you but I was freuently distracted by Bash s name Luckily the author shortens it to Heiro and I m sure this distraction will ease with further volumes but it was a glaring issue for me this time aroundThat said Heiro and Kip are wonderful characters Heiro is outrageous and wild and utterly irresistible His past is mysterious and he tends to wear a mask for everyone save his closest friends We re told that Heiro is only nominally detective Those around him most often do the real work but his charm and captivating performances tend to open doors that would otherwise remain closed Kip is his absolute opposite He is solid and staid and he solves cases by doing the research and paperwork that others won t Yet he is wonderfully passionate around Heiro and it s evident that society and circumstance have forced him to wear a mask of his own Both men are engaging and well drawn and their relationship is the heart of this book Heiro s ward Callie and his guard Han round out an excellent uartet and while we don t know uite as much about either of them the author has done an a great job of laying a foundation for further growthRead Sue s review in its entirety here

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The Fangs of Scavo (Stoker Bash, #1) Read & download ↠ 8 At Scotland Yard DI Timothy Stoker is no better than a ghost A master of arcane documents and niggling details who unlike his celebrity chasing colleagues prefers hard work to headlines But an invisible man is needed to unmask the city’s newest amateur detective Hieronymus Bash A bon vivant long on flash and styl. Liked this a lotIts fun doesn t talk down and has a satisying mystery element full review here