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  • 15 November 2018
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summary Good Sweden, Bad Sweden ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Th and falsehood are merging Bad Sweden is now challenging the Good Sweden story of exceptional social business and creative success But why And for whose benefitThis book explores the mechanisms of twisted facts viral content and the immense power of bad news It shows how Sweden’s image is being distorted and used as a weapon in a global clash o. L ttillg ngligt och skarpt om hur Sverige anv nds som slagtr i slag om v rderingar och effekten det f r p Sverigebilden Helt klart intressant

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summary Good Sweden, Bad Sweden ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden Sweden Who would believe this The idea of Sweden as a nation in crisis is spreading With influential news outlets reporting stories of no go zones lawlessness and the banning of Christmas lights Bad Sweden has become a compelling story told by populist leaders across the world In a world where tru. A fascinating and elouent inuiry into the damage done to Sweden s international reputation by fake news As founder of Swedish news service The Local Rapacioli has had a ringside seat in observing this phenomenon and is able to show exactly how myths such as a claimed increase in sexual violence and rioting following an increase in migration arise how facts are exaggerated and decontextualised to serve a political agenda and how myths then take on a life of their own An important and timely book for anyone interested in fake news and the modus operandi of a highly partisan global media

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summary Good Sweden, Bad Sweden ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub F values – and how Swedes can reclaim the narrativeAuthor Paul Rapacioli is the founder of Swedish news company The Local providing Europe’s news in English to five million readers each month Drawing on than a decade of news coverage Good Sweden Bad Sweden is his inside account of how the country’s story is being told in a post truth worl. Paul Rapacioli founder of The Local writes about how Sweden is seen internationally Where can we find the good and true perspectives of the story and where can we find the bad and false perspectives of the story And are all good perspectives trueThe result is a book that just like its title is both good and bad I can t say that it s wrong anyhow in fact it does a rather fine job of presenting Sweden in a nuanced way mentioning both pros and cons I just didn t enjoy reading it very much Maybe and this is just me speculating that is because Good Sweden Bad Sweden should be viewed less as a book and as a document in time How Sweden is represented and wants to be represented internationally in the year of 2018 The I consider that though that might be itI m glad I read this book I m just not sure if I would recommend it to people living in Sweden However to people living outside of Sweden I can imagine this book would be a good read