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review ´ Sweet Water 108 Y that’s so unnervingly cold blooded Finn’s lies to the authorities are too comfortable too proficient not to arouse her suspicions Even the secrets of the old house she lives in seem to be connected to the incident As each troubling event unfolds Sarah must decide how far she’ll go to save her perfect life. Eehhh It was okayI didn t like the jumping back and forth in time from Sarah and Josh at Stonehenge Sarah and Marty at college back to present day Ellsworth it was all a bit too choppyAnd Sarah was so unrelateable She preaches about helping these vulnerable woman at a not for profit but can t look after herself or recognise any of the signs of her own abuse Very disappointed that Josh didn t make a comeback too probably one of the only likeable charactersI felt that the ending tried to wrap everything up but missed some loose bits Did they tell Spencer about Josh How s Cash s mum now that s she s lost both kids Why was Hanna written into Sarah s adult life only to be mentioned twice and add nothing to t

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review ´ Sweet Water 108 What did her son do in the woods last night Does a mother really want to knowIt’s what Sarah Ellsworth dreamed of Marriage to her childhood sweetheart Martin Living in a historic mansion in Pennsylvania’s most exclusive borough And Finn a teenage son with so much promise UntilA call for help in the middle of. For my full review visit me at book neither blew me away nor kept me on tenterhooks Overall I found there was a lot of delay to the narrative progressing and a lot of idle chatter However I was curious to see how the protagonist Sarah would escape the folds of such a rich influential familyFor my full review visit me at

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review ´ Sweet Water 108 The night leads Sarah and Martin to the woods where they find Finn injured dazed and weeping near his girlfriend’s dead body Convinced he’s innocent Sarah and Martin agree to protect their son at any cost and not report the crimeBut there are things Sarah finds hard to reconcile a cover up by Martin’s famil. Oh goodnessI picked this as my First Reads selection and I was very disappointed I almost DNF d many times but I powered through I kind of wish I had just put it down The beginning was strong that first chapter pulled me in but then it was all downhill from there The story jumps between three different points in time but the jumps are really choppy and don t flow together at all The characters were not believable or likable in any way The main character s internal dialogue had so many cringe and eyeroll moments I m really not a fan of the this characters is so smart here s all the examples of why but let s watch her act reallllly stupid I m also not a fan of when stories make the answers so obvious to e