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characters Tragedy Hope A History of the World in Our Time ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB H two world wars and a worldwide economic depression As an interpretative historian he tries to show each event in the full complexity of its historical context The result is a uniue work notable in several ways It gives a picture of the world in terms of the influence of different cultures. This book still gets a lot of interest even though uigley has been dead for over 40 years Perhaps his mention by Bill Clinton in his inaugural address has maintained interest There have been other drivers of interest for uigley and this volume as well not all of them laudable or fairI rated the book highly because of the impact it and the class for which it was read has had on me To this this day I vividly remember uigley s classes five semesters as if they were yesterday The agendas he raised have remained with me ever since He was the first professor I had who was a real showman in class from the giving of exams to the telling of funny stories What was so important however was that he worked very hard to give meaning to the complex of facts events and people that comprise world history He tried to capture the flow of history the deep longstanding streams flowing through it and the relative few significant forces propelling it The idea that history can be looked at this way is a powerful one especially to an impressionable undergraduate It made you feel like you were working with big time ideas and real scholarship at least those were the impressions I had of the experience With this said I have to also admit that without the personal experience I doubt I would have rated the book as highly as I do The book is under referenced and reads as if it is a collection of detailed lecture notes To some extent that is OK but I increasingly find it important to double check the sources and examine detail below the level of the main storyuigley is also prone to considerable generalization and I came to view my subseuent education as a process of finding out which of my undergraduate revelations held up under focused scrutiny Many of uigley s did not hold up although the process of coming to realize that was itself a valuable educationI have also become increasingly skeptical of evolutionary views of civilizations such as uigley s The devil is almost always in the details and overly broad stories can encourage hero worship rather than critical thinking Looking back uigley s huge contribution to my life was in capturing Western values especially ideas of balance moderation and inclusion as keys to Western success This is a broad story of Western History and I am thankful to uigley for introducing me to his variant of itThere is a lot of good history being published these days I am still reading it with avid interest due to Carroll uigley and Tragedy and Hope which I read for his two semester class in the World since 1914

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characters Tragedy Hope A History of the World in Our Time ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB And outlooks upon each other; it shows completely than in any similar work the influence of science and technology on human life; and it explains with unprecedented clarity how the intricate financial and commercial patterns of the West prior to 1914 influenced the development of today's wor. Why do they call it Conspiracy THEORY when there are books like this on the market Carroll uigley mentor to Bill Clinton and others is unapologetic in his socialisticneoMarxistfascistic leanings He details how socialists and others have and are taking away our freedoms and why WOW This book is an eye opener I wish I had a personal copy of it I had checked it out through inter library loan

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characters Tragedy Hope A History of the World in Our Time ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB TRAGEDY AND HOPE shows the years 1895 1950 as a period of transition from the world dominated by Europe in the nineteenth century to the world of three blocs in the twentieth century With clarity perspective and cumulative impact Professor uigley examines the nature of that transition throug. This book covers 15o years up to the 1960s of social development that uigley associates with the rise of positions of power in the western world As daunting a book as it may seem it is one that must be read Power economic influence globalism and the transnational forms of government If you can get your hands on it read it